1.Agro Business Digital Economy project to provide ICT training and entrepreneurship to the farmers awarded by the Department of Agriculture Sarawak, 2018.

2.Agrobiz training project awarded by Ministry of Modernisation of Agriculture, Native Land and Regional Development Sarawak (MANRED) to provide 9 pieces of training for the rural entrepreneurs covering modules from Rural ICT, eCommerce, Marketing, Food Packaging and Design, 2019.

3.Data Management and SPSS training to provide all the resident offices of Sarawak be experts and trained in data management.

4.Grant awarded by Leadership Institute of Sarawak to do impact studies towards the implementation of Balanced Score Cards within the State Government  Institutions.

5.Training on E-Commerce and Digital Marketing to Kolej Yayasan Felda of Negeri Sembilan and Pahang on the importance of ICT implementation in the business environment.

6.Research Grant awarded by Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC) for the research title Identifying internal and external factors that affect the technopreneurs intention among youth in Sarawak.

7.Consultancy project awarded by Sibu Municipal Council, title Cultural Tourism Festivals in Sibu: Tourists’ perception and implications.

8. Digital Marketing training awarded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological and Research (MESTR).

Digital Upskilling Program with Ministry of Education Science and Technological and Research Sarawak (MESTR)

Digital Marketing Courses at Kolej Yayasan Felda

(Negeri Sembilan)
Data Management and SPSS Training with Leadership Institute of Sarawak

Data Management and SPSS training with Leadership Institute of Sarawak